“We are Destruction”

With a tagline like that, it’s no wonder this Denver born, fantasy writer is catching the attention of readers all over the country. The Otherworld Soldiers: Rise of the Apocalypse is scifi and fantasy author Fox Lancet’s first published book, and her first series.

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This book is 10 years in the making, how does it feel to have people reading it now?

Pretty astounding. A little nerve racking and unbelievably exciting of course.

Did it feel like it would ever come out?

Sometimes I didn’t feel like it would, but in my heart I knew it eventually had to. It really was just my goal in life to publish a novel. I originally didn’t want to self-publish but getting a publisher was such a long process, and even after you got one the process continued and by the time they would be ready to put my book on a shelf it was very possible that the interest the mass currently has in apocalyptic stories would be gone.

What advice would you give to the writer that is unsure about self-publishing?

I would suggest they do the research into finding big publishers and tell them to ask themselves if they have the patience, time, and if they are willing to give up a big cut and creative integrity (because the big guys will be the ones asking you to rewrite 30+% of your story).

Now that the first book is out, when can we look for the second installment?

Well it’s definitely in the process. I’m shooting for fall of 2017.

Is there an art to writing a three part series verses a standalone novel?

When I first started writing, I didn’t really think far beyond the first page. As it developed I had to think chapters ahead, then of events before and ahead. Personally, I don’t think there is an ‘art’ so much as the life your story takes on as you build it. If it works as a stand-alone then so be it, if there’s more you want to show and tell readers about your characters and the world you’ve developed then make it a two parter, a three parter, however much it takes you to tell your story. I mean look at Terry Goodkind’s The Sword of Truth. Perhaps my own series will stretch beyond three, but right now I see me telling the main tale comfortably in three books.

How do you build these characters and worlds you write about?

This one is kind of a loaded question. I think the process of creation is different for everyone. For me, I honestly just started putting my characters down on the page. I could see them in my mind, but I didn’t really say: “This is Hunter, he is going to be a reckless, carefree spirit who has no qualms with morality or breaking rules.” That’s just how he developed all on his own. That’s probably why I enjoy character building as much as I do because for me they create themselves and it’s a very satisfying experience. Like I once said in a blog: “You have to let your characters surprise you and let them do the unexpected, otherwise they’re flat characters and no reader is really going to care much for them.”

As for world-building, that’s a different beast. I find I have the same knack for letting the world build itself. In the long run, a writer just really needs to pay attention to the fine detail and keep track of his or her own rules. Make sure everything you’re creating in the world makes sense in relation to its surroundings or isn’t negating a rule that’s already been made clear.

How do you channel your influences into your writing?

Oh wow, that’s an interesting question. I guess I’ve just always had this image in my head of how I interpreted metal and how it makes me feel and what it makes me think of. I think my book is totally metal. It’s dark, violent, powerful, and superior (metal and my book). The same goes for the video games I play. I’m very choosy about them. They’re all typically very gory and quite intense. Gears of War still gives me an adrenaline rush when I play online and I’ve been playing that game for nine years. I just used what I know and love and made a conscience effort to include it within my story.

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