You’ve seen the ads all over the internet: free website design, free logo, free printing, ect.

You are a starving artist, free is the best number right? Not necessarily. When you see all these free services they are usually either branded with their company logo and/or they will not look that great. Think about the last time you checked out your favorite band, they had a site that was on point, everything was together they had their logo done, cover art done and pictures and they were all cohesive and high quality. Putting something like that together takes time and will cost you. Nothing can kill a band faster than telling your fans to look up your Soundcloud. Sure, this works in the beginning but how many professional, headlining acts have you met that only have a Bandcamp page.

When you start to take your career seriously and think about it not only as your artistic outlet but a legitimate career, then you will see just how much goes into creating your brand. Brand is important because it helps convey a message to your audience. It tells them what kind of artist you are. You can tell everyone: “Look at me! I’m super goth!” But it will mean a lot more through a unified branding front that is all goth, all the time. Branding is in everything you consume. For example, companies like Ben and Jerry’s work hard to portray a wholesome, anti-corporate image. They’re able to pull that off by creating a brand that makes consumers feel that way about their product.

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Image Credit: NMS3 Agency