Color Skins

Project Details

Transcending music and art is the main goal of this philosophical artist based out of Los Angeles. Shortly after the death of his father in 2013 Drifter Shape Shifter (DSS) was left with a choice: continue composing music or pursue a career in performance art and dance.

After recording a tribute album for his father, DSS sought out AKA in need of promoting what he originally wanted to market as a meditation album. In just 18 short months, he has not only completed his first official studio album, which was mastered by the same company that did Radioheads ‘Pablo Honey’. He’s also in the middle of planning his first European tour to Wales for the ‘Focus Wales 2016’ music festival on top of a summer tour supporting his new upcoming album eTHEORYl.

In order to stand out from the crowd and make a mark for himself, he also needed a solid brand that represented his artistic and spiritual nature that’s found deeply embedded in his music. After AKA received his promotional photo’s, our designer worked closely with him to figure out what imagery would suit his brand best. Nothing could be more suitable than an abstract, modern logo and ethereal representation of him and the universe intertwined.

Since signing with AKA, as a client, DSS holds the record for the most followers gained in one day on his Instagram account run by our social media manager. In 24 hours, he was able to garner 150 brand new followers to his account!