Color Skins

Project Details

  • Client: Fox Lancet
  • Type: Author
  • Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Website:

As the first author signed to AKA Management, Fox Lancet brings her unique mix of war, destruction and metal to the fantasy genre world. Being a completely unreleased and unpublished author, Fox and the management at AKA had the daunting task of starting from the bottom with her project.

First, a raw word document had to be edited by a professional and marketed to the masses. After seeking out and getting the document to Mia Darren, a published fantasy author and established editor herself, Fox was able to start getting her project off the ground.

The marketing plan for the book ‘Otherworld Soldiers: Rise of the Apocalypse’ is not one that you would find with any other book release. Marketing a book like a CD is the main achievement of this project and bringing literature to the metal masses is the main goal for Fox Lancet. So it was important for our creative director to find the perfect artist to create a vision for the book cover. Martin de Diego Sádaba, a noted digital artist in Spain helped us accomplish that goal.

Currently, this is book one of a three part series and is slated to be released in late April. A summer book tour is scheduled for Fox, hitting various conventions, starting with the Mile High Con.