Color Skins

Project Details

  • Client: Saridae
  • Type: Musician
  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Website:

Saridae is one of AKA’s first clients and a success story in her own right. Originally, she was just a consultation client asking questions and trying to navigate this industry alone. With several self released mix tapes under her belt, she was ready to start taking her music career seriously.

In 14 short months, Saridae has gone in the studio to record her first album ‘Clarity’. During that time, AKA took charge of branding her with a new logo and flew her out to Seattle for promotional photos taken by our photographer in the urban streets of Seattle. AKA is also in the process of negotiations with Ataraxis clothing, a local Denver clothing company interested in sponsoring her upcoming summer 2016 tour.

Along with the new album, due out in the Spring, Saridae is also seeing her first music video in production for the title track ‘Clarity’. The song will be officially released as her first single slated to be released in early Spring 2016.